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Brielle's Bridal Boutique wedding gown alterations

"I only have the best things to say about Claribel! I got married in June of 2020 and although COVID ruined many of my wedding plans, the one thing that I knew I could rely on was Claribel's amazing work. She altered my wedding gown, and did an amazing job in the limited time I gave her. It was not an easy or small job, yet she did it! Claribel is honest, efficient, and a truly calming presence. She is the nicest person and makes you as the customer feel confident in her work- for good reason! Claribel did an outstanding job on my wedding gown and I have only received very positive feedback from friends I have sent her way! She is a pleasure to work with!"



Wedding Dress by Brielle's Bridal Boutique, designed by Claribel Vidal

"A friend referred me to Claribel for my wedding gown, and I am so beyond grateful. No one could have created a dress design as beautiful and seamless as she did. She is so creative and has an amazing eye for design and functionality and is so patient to make sure you end up with what your dream look is! She also works so efficiently and with so much thought and her much warmth and happiness for you makes her a pleasure to work with. I always looked forward to our appointments all the way up to the wedding!!!"

-- Bracha 


Custom Wedding gown by Brielle's Bridal Boutique

"Claribel was a pleasure to work with on altering my wedding gown. Her talent, attention to detail, and calm personality made me feel like I was leaving my gown in the right hands. The gown turned out to be more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you Claribel!" 
-- Gila


"I couldn't have gotten luckier with Claribel. Thankfully she was at the atelier when I was looking for dresses and I explained that I would need a lot of alterations to build up my dress. She was very helpful and designed the look and told us how much extra material to order. When the dress came she finished it by the time we needed it and it was absolutely perfect. I couldn't believe she built up the top of the dress to look like it was made as one piece. IT was exactly how I envisioned and fit perfectly. She also embellished my veil in ways I would have never thought of. Claribel is not just an excellent seamstress but a true designer who has a real eye for beautiful and creative pieces. I am so happy to know her!" 

-- Reem


My Lazaro wedding gown, a beautiful beaded and embroidered net slip gown with crystal opal beaded trim, was bought through a sample wedding dress boutique and was severely damaged and needed heavy alterations. The lining of my gown was torn and had to be entirely replaced, the rhinestone belt attached to the gown was missing several rhinestones, and there were several rips and tears throughout the exterior of my gown (which was a delicate material), amongst many other issues.  I had about a month to get this gown altered.  Claribel worked magic on my gown! She exceeded my expectations and made my wedding gown look brand new! There were no imperfections. I was completely amazed and to this day, am so grateful.  I received so many compliments and I’m so happy I found Claribel and didn’t decide to buy a new dress!  Not to mention, she’s super sweet, easy to work with, quick and extremely talented! Thank you, Claribel.

-- Rebecca


After having a horrible experience with my bridal stores seamstress who was completely clueless on how to help me. I found Claribel and hired her right away. In our first visit she had my gown on me and pinned up the correct way in minutes. I was blown away by her work. I purchased a strapless gown and Claribel added on gorgeous thick straps that blended right in with my gown. She also fix my corset correctly where the bridal store did not do this right. She made my smaller size gown fit me. By the time our appointment was done. I had my gown on me the correct way. Claribel has a passion for her work. Right away you can see she loves what she does. I am very Confident that she can help anyone with not only their bridal needs but anything. Currently she is making my Halloween costume. I highly recommend Claribel for all your alterations or designing a gown.



"I just got the opportunity today to see the masks first hand. I have to say, I think they are just TERRIFIC! Much more robust and solidly made than I had anticipated.

They are great! Thank you!

-- Dave



"First and foremost, Claribel did an excellent job on my wedding dress! When you first receive a dress especially a mermaid dress, it typically comes in one solid size from shoulder to knees. What Claribel did was cater the dress to my body shape. She did a nip, tuck and tweak in a way that the dress fit me like a glove. She took the time to add secret buttons and clips that hide my undergarments, cut the dress to fit perfectly to my height and taught my bridesmaid how to bustle a dress (trust me, it requires training). Claribel’s attention to detail was amazing, she worked in a timely fashion and made sure I had my dress within three weeks. I am amazed and so grateful for her kindness, creative thinking and hard work. Here is a picture of the dress so you can understand what I mean about fitting like a glove. Trust me, choose her, she is great!"

-- Kathleen


"Claribel not only designed the most amazing gown for me to wear to my son’s wedding but also made sure every little detail was perfect.  Her hand beading work was impeccable.

Claribel’s alteration work and custom changes made to my daughter’s gown turned an ordinary dress into extraordinary."

-- Andrea


Claribel is an excellent seamstress and extremely talented. A true designer who has a real eye for beautiful and creative pieces. I am so happy to know her! You are the extraordinary!

-- Catherine

Claribel is the best tailor I’ve ever been to. She is so sweet and patient and makes each visit so enjoyable. She is sew amazing at what she does. Each time I go back to pick up my clothing it’s done perfectly- just the way I want it to be!! 

-- Shira

Claribel is amazing! She is an extremely talented seamstress, pays close attention to detail, and makes sure her clients are 100% happy with each job, whether big or small. She is passionate about sewing and does her job with excitement and enthusiasm. She has tons of experience and gives her professional advice to make sure her clients are satisfied. Highly, highly recommend for all seamstress jobs, biggest to the smallest. 

-- RH


Mother of the Bride Dress

am thrilled with the gown that Claribel made for me.  She incorporated two gowns into one to meet my specific needs and it came out so beautiful and comfortable.  Claribel is very very pleasant and sweet to work with - there was never a problem accommodating anything I wanted.  I can't recommend her strongly enough.  If you want to look beautiful and get many compliments, go to her for whatever dress or gown-making you need. 

--Ann Leifer