Fall In Love With Your Jewelry Again!















Are you guilty of never wearing the earrings you inherited from your grandmother? Although rich in legacy & sentiment, are they collecting dust at the back of your jewelry drawer? How about that necklace you purchased years ago, but don't wear because it’s just not your style anymore?

Imagine if you could revive these valuable (but unloved) pieces into something new that you adore and want to wear everyday! Are you interested in redesigning these forgotten pieces into something that you have always dreamt of?

As a Certified Gemologist and Jewelry Designer, I revive and repurpose outdated jewelry; transforming them into modern heirlooms you’ll enjoy for years and hand down to the next generation.

If you are more interested in something that is completely personalized to let your unique style shine, you can treat yourself to a custom jewelry design.

Either way, I can’t wait to work with you on your future heirlooms and take you on a design journey from scratch to finish!




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